Proposing a new COST action

Individual researcher or research group of an institution from one of the COST member states.

Applications can be submitted at any time. COST works with a continuous ‘open call’, with two collection dates per year: end of March and end of September. Proposals submitted after a collection date are retained for the next collection date.

An application is submitted electronically via the COST website.

Since 2015 the Open Call is an one-stage submission process.

The proposal is submitted by a Main Proposer on behalf of a network of proposers ( at least 5 COST Countries).

The complete procedure, from collection date to start of the action, takes, as a rule, up to nine months.

For general enquiries about the procedure and technical problems you can contact


Proposals are evaluated on the basis of the following evaluation criteria:

  • Right for COST? Do not think only of what COST can mean to you, but also of what you can mean to COST. COST calls for societal relevance, visibility, ..
  • Clearly describe the specific scientific problem and the expected impact.
  • Think of how you can incorporate interdisciplinary competencies into the proposal.
  • Do not confound a COST action with a H2020 proposal: it is a network proposal (coordination), not a project proposal (research).
  • Work only with partners who have an excellent reputation in the domain.
  • Avoid overlaps with existing COST actions.
  • Provide a scientific description of the state-of-the-art as a function of the network aspect.
  • Pay attention and make concrete plans for gender balance, promotion of young researchers, and dissemination of the results.