Aspiranten mandaten SCK•CEN


Since 2007, SCK•CEN finances two fellowships for PhD research and bench fees for young promising researchers every year.

The scientific commissions of the FWO draw up, as customary, a classification of all candidatures. When the board has awarded the fellowships, the FWO hands a list with candidates who are eligible for a SCK•CEN fellowship over to the SCK•CEN jury.

The Jury who awards the “SCK•CEN –FWO” fellowships is the WAC (Scientific Advisory Board) of the SCK•CEN in cooperation with a representative of the FWO.

The SCK•CEN ultimately selects two candidates who proposed a research project that is relevant for SCK•CEN from the list of favourably listed FWO PhD fellowship candidates who were not granted a fellowship due to lack of financial means. 

After a positive evaluation during the second year, in accordance with the standards of a PhD fellowship, the FWO will finance the renewal.