Frank Verstraete

°1972, Belg

Werkte aan: Universitat Wien, Fakultat für Physik, Wenen, Oostenrijk

Nieuwe thuishaven: UGent, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Titel project: Entanglement and the simulation of quantum many-body systems 

Uit het jury-rapport:

Frank Verstraete is clearly among the top scientists in the world at his age. He has an extremely solid research background and an impressive list of publications. He was, for instance, recently awarded with a prestigious ERC Starting Grant. He has proven independence from the very beginning of his career and leads with success as Full Professor a research group at the University of Vienna. His post-doctoral experience was in two of the best groups in Quantum Information Theory: Max Planck and Caltech. All his international collaborators are very well known scientists in the field.

Verstraete has worked in top groups around the world and has good connections with the theoretical groups, but also with the experimental groups in Vienna. This allows him to do research which is not only useful from a theoretical point of view, but also from a general point of view in physics.

All the questions presented in his project are timely and represent one of the most active research directions in the field. Verstraete has made pioneering contributions to the use of quantum information tools to the study of many-body systems. Important results, that weren’t initially planned, can also be expected. It is a privilege for the Flanders region to have the possibility to attract such a good researcher, contributing such added value.