Joost Van Dongen

°1973, Nederlander

Werkte aan: Max- Planck-lnstitute of Molecular Plant Physiology, GoIm, Germany

Nieuwe thuishaven: KU Leuven

Titel project: Molecular and metabolic regulation to improve the tolerance of crop plants to low-oxygen stress.

Uit het juryrapport:

The excellent research capacity of Dr Van Dongen are proved by his brilliant results as group leader at the Max Planck institute. Indeed, he successfully managed a young research team that made extremely important scientific discoveries in plant biology, successfully published on highly-ranked journals, among whichNature. This last remarkable discovery regards the explanation of the molecular mechanism of low-oxygen sensing in plants, that is moving large interest in the whole scientific community of plant biology. Indeed, this was the results of Dr Van Dongen success in guiding the team towards non conventional ideas and using very innovative approaches. As group leader, he also demonstrated to be capable to attract funding by various agencies, gaining about 1.5 million euro during the 5 years in Potsdam. He has an impressive number of collaborations, both national and international, proved also by the high numbers of articles published with other research groups on highly-ranked journals.