Marco Davare

°1977, Belg

Werkte aan:Institute of Neurology, University College London

Nieuwe thuishaven: KU Leuven

Titel project: Integration of multisensory information for skilled grasp.

Uit het juryrapport:

The applicant has an outstanding background with respect to the labs were he has received his training over the last years. The labs of Roger Lemon and John Rothwell are worldwide known for their excellence in research. The skills that Dr Davare has acquired over the last years and the potential to bring these skills together now in a number of new experiments are exciting. Indeed, currently, he can be looked at as a beginning authority.

 The publication record of Dr. Davare shows publications – in which he has served both as first or last author, the latter one indicating his scientific independence and potential for leadership – of high impact in excellent journals. The number of publications (n=17, about 3 per year) is on the moderate side, but again, the journals are of high impact and citations of older publications are high indicating their impact on the field. Dr Davare should be aware that with his own group, the average number of publications per year should grow, to remain competitive.   

He appears to be internationally very well connected. Both the number of collaborators, as well as the quality that these persons stand for, appear excellent. In his requested budget, it become also clear that he is planning his students to perform research training and performing experiments at foreign labs of his closest collaborators. The jury thinks this is an excellent move ensuring a broad training for beginning scientists showing them early what goes on in other labs and showing then early that collaboration is highly important for good science.

While the applicant’s resume speaks for itself with regard to scientific independency, the research leadership is not as obvious though the jury trusts that the applicant dedication and productive will warrant success of the PhD-project. After all, the applicant is still quite junior and a project like the currently proposed one will help to gain more experience in leadership.