Steven Lowette

°1979, Belg

Werkte aan: University of California, Santa Barbara

Nieuwe thuishaven: VUB

Titel project: Searching for Dark Matter with the CMS detector at the Current and Future Large Hadron Collider.

Uit het juryrapport

Dr. Lowette is recognized as a central player within the CMS experiment, and has been both innovative and prolific. His chosen topic (search for supersymmetric particles) is of great topical interest, and he has managed to make himself very visible in a very active and competitive field, in activities ranging from the mundane (but essential) – detector calibrations, development of analysis toolkits – to flagship measurements, in particular in the area of research leading to the present proposal. His experience of the tools, difficulties and challenges to be overcome is thus extensive and sufficient to ensure the success of the present proposal.

Searching for dark matter candidates in the form of super-symmetric particles is likely to require a large range of approaches, with characteristics of these particles depending on which particular super-symmetric model (if any!) is realized in nature. As such, a broad series of search strategies, as proposed by Dr. Lowette, are justified and necessary, and require expertise across the board, excellent interactions also with theorists, and innovative approaches to ensure that even the most unexpected observational mode is not overseen. With Dr. Lowette, as an outstanding researcher, these conditions are fully met.

The extent and quality of international research collaboration is off the charts. As a key player in a central physics topic in a 3000-person collaboration, he is personally well-known and respected by the top leaders in the field of particle physics worldwide both experimental and theoretical.