SELECTION - decision of SB grants

The final decision on the funding is made by the FWO Board of Trustees.

The candidates are ranked on the basis of a weighted total score, based on the scores assigned to the three evaluation criteria. The score "candidate" carries three times more weight than each of the other two criteria. A number of fellowships per panel can be awarded directly to the best ranked candidates who have also obtained a predefined minimum score for the three criteria. The remaining fellowships are awarded on the basis of a ranking of remaining candidates from all panels.

More details about the decision process can be found in the FWO regulations for internal and external peer review (Chapter III, section "Decision process doctoral (Phd) grants strategic basic research")

All candidates will be informed as soon as a decision is made by the Board of Trustees. The results will also be published on the FWO website. All candidates will later receive more specific feedback on the decision.