SUBMISSION - eligibility of SB applications

Completeness and eligibility analysis

After the FWO registers your submission, you will receive a notification including the unique project number that has been assigned to your application. The grant application along with your personal information will then be screened by the FWO for completeness and eligibility. If necessary, it is possible to complete the personal administrative file (e.g. diploma second exam period) and/or meet specific demands from the FWO.

The FWO will then decide on the eligibility of the grant application. Candidates who do not satisfy all the eligibility conditions, who did not submit their application file in time and/or who submitted an incorrect application file, will be notified by mid-October of the ineligibility of their application.

Advice of supervisor and co-supervisor(s)

The FWO will ask your supervisor (and co-supervisors, if any) to submit a letter of recommendation. The supervisor undertakes to properly supervise the PhD student and to provide adequate coaching and supervision so as to enable the latter to complete his/her PhD by thesis within the duration of the fellowship.