International mobility

Outgoing mobility

The location of the conference/accommodation is far away from the airport: are the transport costs from the airport to the conference/accommodation also reimbursed? And the transport costs from my place of residence to the airport?

The transport costs from the place of residence to an airport/railway station in Belgium can only be reimbursed in case of the use of public transport. Transport costs from an airport/railway station abroad to the location of the conference/accommodation can also be reimbursed and are, by preference, performed by public transport as well. For each reimbursement of transport costs the necessary receipts have to be sent to FWO.

How is the fixed daily allowance for a stay abroad paid out?

The daily allowance is deposited to the bank account of the beneficiary in Belgium. 80% is paid in advance for long stays. The remaining amount is deposited as soon as you have sent the financial statement of your stay. For short stays the entire amount will be deposited at once.

I do not keep my salary during my long stay abroad. Can I submit an application?

Since the grants mentioned in this section are merely fixed and additional fees, the candidates should keep their salary or scholarship with a minimum appointment of 50% from the Flemish university or institution they work for during the entire period of their stay abroad. No grants are given if this condition is not fulfilled.

I am affiliated to a college (for advanced education), can I apply for a travelling allowance?

Yes, candidates affiliated to the School of Arts, the Antwerp Maritime Academy or the academic programmes within the corresponding association are eligible as well.

Can a foreign grant or travelling allowance be combined with a FWO fellowship?

Yes, but in case of a travel grant for participation in an international conference, workshop/course, or a short stay within one of the member states of the EEA or in Switzerland, FWO PhD’s, FWO postdoctoral fellows or IWT fellows cannot apply since they already have a bench fee.

Can I split up my long stay abroad for social reasons?

This period can basically not be split up, however some flexibility is allowed for stays of longer than six months (due to social or familial reasons).

Can I dispose of my bench fee during a stay abroad (whether or not with an allowance for a short/long stay)?

The bench fee remains fully at your disposal if there is at least a 50% appointment on a FWO fellowship. In the case of less than 50%, the allowance will no longer be paid.

My application for a travelling allowance has already been submitted. How can I attach the official approval to my file?

If your application has been submitted you will not be able to add this document to your online file. To ensure that the approval is added to your file, please contact the file administrator (see department Support for Researchers).

Should I mention a grant for a short or long stay on my tax declaration?

No, allowances for short or long stays are tax-free personal reimbursements of expenses and should not be mentioned on your tax declaration.

Should I be mentioned as first author on the required publication(s) to be eligible for a travelling allowance?

This is not required, but will be an advantage during the selection.

Should the required publication(s) be related to the subject of my lecture?

No, the 3 best publications of the last 5 years suffice.

Can two connected conferences be mentioned on one application?


Which expenditures can be accounted for on an accommodation allowance?

Financial account is given on the intended form. You can find the expenditures that can be stated for accommodation allowances on this form. An original proof of payment should be sent along for larger expenditures (as of € 500). Daily living costs can be mentioned as a fixed amount per day.

Can I book my tickets with a by the FWO authorized travel agency before the travel grant has been granted?

In some cases, most often for conference grants, the problem arises that the researcher wants to book the tickets before FWO has made a decision about the requested travel grant. The FWO is aware of this problem and has therefore come up with a solution together with Uniglobe Smart Travel Ghent and Omnia Travel, the travel agencies with whom FWO has an agreement.