Research projects

What can I apply for in 2018 as supervisor-spokesperson based on financing awarded as supervisor-spokesperson in 2017?

Which applications in 2018 are taken into account for the calculation of the maximum of 2 applications?

  • Regular FWO project
  • Prolongation Regular FWO project
  • LAP Slovenia
  • LAP Luxembourg
  • LAP Switzerland

Who is the employer of personnel paid by “Research projects”?

The host institution (university) is the employer, not the FWO.

Where should the foreign co-supervisor be mentioned in an application “Research project”?

Mention your foreign co-supervisors under the item. What is the national and international context (network, programme or cooperation) that the requested project ties in with.

Who can act as supervisor -spokesman of a “Research project"?

The supervisor- spokesman always needs to be ZAP-(Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel - Autonomous Academic Personnel) member of a Flemish university, a Flemish scientific institution, a Federal scientific institution (Dutch linguistic register) or needs to have a similar position, having permanent appointment or not and at least the level of head of department (professor level). Continuity with regard to his/her appointment for the entire duration of the project is required.

Personnel: Can personnel still be paid after the end date of the agreement?

Positive personnel balances of the last two years of the agreement can be used for personnel for a maximum of one year after the end date of the agreement. The FWO should be informed in case of extension.