Participate in a new or ongoing COST action

As a Flemish researcher you can participate in a new or an ongoing COST action via the management committee or via a working group. An overview of the COST actions can be found on the COST website.

Each COST action has a management committee (MC), which is composed of the officially designated representatives of the participating COST member states. The management committee supervises and coordinates the proper execution of the relevant COST action.

Each COST country may designate 2 representatives and 2 subsitutes (+ 1 extra representative for the COST country that launches the action and provides the MC chair).

A minimal Belgian representation in the management committee is required, so that Flemish partners can participate in the working groups, international meetings, etc. of the action, with reimbursement of their international travel and living expenses by COST.

The execution of a COST action involves different working groups (usually 2 to 4) made up of a limited number researchers working on specific duties with specified timetables.

They include the members of the management committee, but also other researchers of the participating COST member states can participate in the working groups. 

Applications for participation in a COST action can in principle be submitted at any time, but preferably at the start of an action.

If you are interested in participating in the management committee of a COST action, fill out the application form and send it to

COST participation form

If the COST action has been running for more than 1 year, you must also obtain permission from the chair of the management committee and the science officer responsible for the relevant COST action.

If there is sufficient interest to participate, the procedure for membership of Belgium in the action is initiated. This results in Belgium signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This is sort of 'gentlemen's agreement' among the participants of a COST action, in which they subscribe to the action goals.

After at least seven COST member states have signed, the action can be launched. The normal term of an action is 4 years.

Participation in a working group is only possible if a Belgian representative has been designated for the management committee. You then need not submit an application form, but you can directly contact the Belgian representative on the management committee or the chair of the action.