Societal Challenge 6 (SC6): Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective societies


Name and description ERA-NET

FWO funding channel

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HERA Uses of the Past

'Humanities in the European Research Area'

Fundamental /research projects

WP 2014-2015

01/2015 - 12/2019

Call 2015
€375.000 (incl. top-up EC)



Smart Urban Futures (ENSUF)

'Sustainable urban

Fundamental /research projects

WP 2014-2015

01/2016 - 12/2020

Call 2016

€596.500 (incl. top-up EC)



Dynamics of inequalities across the life-course (DIAL; NORFACE network)

'Inequality across the life-course'

Fundamental /research projects

WP 2016-2017

01/2017 - 12/2021

No selected projects yet