NCP - National contact point

The FWO and the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Vlaio) have been appointed as National Contact Point (NCP) within the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union 'Horizon 2020'.

Horizon 2020 runs from 2014 to 2020 and has a budget of approximately 77 billion euros that will be used to:

  • strengthen the EU's scientific position and to promote top-level research;
  • contribute to industrial leadership in the field of innovation;
  • address important issues that affect all Europeans.

The NCP advisers come out under NCP Flanders. National Contact Points are national structures established and subsidized by the governments of the 28 EU Member States and the countries associated with the Framework Programme. NCPs provide personal support in the country of the person and institution that submits the proposal. They also act as an information section between the researchers, the European Liaison Officers (ELO) in the universities and other scientific institutions, the European Commission and all those interested in the framework programme. NCP Flanders tries to inform the Flemish research community timely and appropriately about the programmes under Horizon 2020. In addition, the NCP supports researchers in the preparation and follow-up of their application. The main objective is to increase the participation and success rate of the Flemish applicants in Horizon 2020.

Researchers can also contact the European Liaison Officers (ELO) in Flemish universities and other scientific institutions for information and support with Horizon 2020.

All information about Horizon 2020 and the activities of NCP Flanders can be found on