Cooperation with Slovenia


The FWO is keen on promoting international collaboration as a driving force for excellence. That is why the FWO signs agreements with a number of countries. To allow joint research projects between Flanders and Slovenia to be set up, the FWO has signed a Lead Agency Procedure (LAP) agreement with the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS). The Lead Agency is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the assessment procedure and for the funding decision.

As it is the case for regular FWO research projects fundamental research it is possible to submit a junior or senior research project.


  • The cooperation with ARRS is based on a Lead Agency Procedure in which FWO is always the Lead Agency. Applications must always be submitted at FWO through E-loket by the Flemish partner. In addition, the Slovenian partner needs to submit the necessary documents at ARRS.
  • It must be an integrated research proposal with one central problem, methodology and elaboration.
  • Period: 4 years.
  • FWO staff and consumables:  €45,000 to €130,000.
  • FWO equipment / matching funding: maximum €150,000.
  • FWO Deadline: 01 April 2019 (5pm).
  • Announcement of results: December 2019.
  • Start of project: 01 January 2020.
  • Success rate 2019: evaluated together with the regular FWO research projects fundamental research.

Profile and conditions

  • As a team of researchers you need consumables, equipment and personnel grants to conduct a joint research project combining complementary expertise and relevant scientific input from both sides.
  • Your research will be carried out at an eligible Flemish main host institution, possibly in collaboration with other Flemish and/or federal research institutions (Article 7).
  • Your research will be carried out under the supervision of a supervisor-spokesperson, possible in collaboration with other (co-)supervisors (Article 10 - 12).
  • Besides the Slovenian partner, co-supervisors from one or more non-Flemish and non-Slovenian universities can be included with a maximum funding of 10% (for all non-Flemish and non-Slovenian universities together) of the total FWO research budget.
  • Junior projects: supervisor-spokesperson and all (co-)supervisors, including the Slovenian partners and if applicable other foreign co-supervisors, must have obtained their first PhD degree maximum 12 years before 01 April 2019.
  • Senior projects: supervisor-spokesperson or one of the (co-)supervisors, including the Slovenian partners and if applicable other foreign co-supervisors, has obtained his/her first PhD degree more than 12 years before 01 April 2019.
  • Within this application round (2019) FWO-ARRS applications are considered as regular FWO research projects. This means that:
    • Granted FWO-ARRS projects starting as from 01/01/2019 are taken into account for the maximum of two projects applied for and ongoing on the start date of the newly allocated project.
  • All material acquired with a grant for consumables/equipment of the FWO shall become the property of the university.
  • The host institution is the employer of staff remunerated on research projects.
  • Supervisors and co-supervisors are not allowed any remuneration or accumulation with a remuneration on a research project.
  • The real cost is used when the name(s) of the researcher(s) is (are) already known. When the name(s) of the researcher(s) is (are) not yet known, indicative amounts may be used.
  • You agree with the Research Integrity Clause.
  • Transitional measures


  • The application procedure can be summarized as follows:
    • The Flemish partner submits the application in English via the FWO E-loket taking into account the abovementioned deadline.
    • In addition, the Slovenian partner needs to make sure the following attention points are in order. More general information on FWO-ARRS research projects can be found on the ARRS website. More specific information can be found here.
      • Slovenian researchers should meet all research project leader (i.e. Principal Investigator) requirements as defined by the Research and Development Act.
      • Slovenian entities that can apply to the call are research institutions and private researchers entered in the database on implementers of research & development activities in the Republic of Slovenia and in the Register of private researchers run by the ARRS.
      • Slovenian researchers should have code for researchers in the database run by the ARRS.
      • FWO has to finance the larger financial share of each project. The budget requested by the Flemish partner at FWO must be higher (not equal) to the budget requested by the Slovenian partner at ARRS.
      • Slovenian part of the project will be financed by ARRS in the amount of up to € 75.000 per year.
      • The Slovenian researchers should send the form ARRS-RPROJ-LA-2019 to the ARRS in electronic AND printed version before the deadline: email and registered post (date post stamp) at 5pm - main office at 3pm on 01 April 2019.
      • ARRS will co-finance up to 10 projects per year.
  • The supervisor-spokesperson will have to collect the consent form for all non-principal host institutions that are involved in the project application. With this declaration those institutions commit themselves to act as host institutions for the project and more specifically with respect to the research work that will be performed by their researchers in the project. The main host institutions deliver their declaration directly to FWO. The declarations for non-principal host institutions have to be uploaded as an attachment to the application form. You will find the template for this declaration here.
  • Each (co-)supervisor(-spokesperson) has to upload a CV. Please do use the template provided in the form and here.
  • Each supervisor(-spokesperson) and co-supervisor of both the Flemish and Slovenian research team, and if applicable other foreign research teams, must have online profile including an updated list of publications on the FWO E-portal.
  • The applications are assessed for eligibility; the FWO and ARRS check whether the application meets the formal requirements.
  • Your application is submitted to a number of external referees for evaluation.
  • Rebuttal: You can react on the comments of the external referees and internal evaluation reports: 2 - 16 September 2019. The deadline for submission is this year exceptionally extended until September 23rd.
  • The FWO expert panels evaluate your application. The applicant is solely responsible for the choice of the expert panel.
  • Final decision taken by the board of trustees of FWO and the ARRS Board.
  • Afterwards you will receive feedback on your application.

Regulations and downloads

Documents and additional information for applicants


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