Cooperation with the Netherlands: No call in 2018


Many scientific issues are of a transboundary nature, and therefore it is important that national borders do not impede researchers' efforts to solve such issues. To this end, and also to strengthen collaboration in the field of the humanities, FWO and the Humanities Section of NWO have decided to open a joint call for research proposals.

Within the framework of the Lead Agency approach, agreements have been made on the evaluation and processing of proposals for transnational collaborative projects. Both research organizations take turns to act as lead agent. The lead agent is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the assessment procedure and for the decision to accept (or reject) the proposal.  The funding remains separated: if the proposal is accepted, the applicants are funded by their own research organization.

The ambition is to fund three project proposals (each involving a Dutch and a Flemish researcher) per round. The aim of the proposed collaborative grant programme is to strengthen European collaboration in the field of the humanities, and more specifically the collaboration between Flanders and The Netherlands.


  • FWO and NWO take turns to take the lead in the handling and evaluation of applications. For this call FWO is the lead agent. As a result, the research proposal must be submitted at FWO.
  • Duration of projects:
    • Flanders: 4 years
    • Netherlands: a grant can be obtained to cover the costs of a PhD research position (4 years, 1 FTE) or a postdoc position (3 years, 1 FTE).
  • Amount:
    • Total budget for the Flemish project part: max. € 280.000
    • Total budget for the Dutch project part: max. € 225.000
  • It must be an integrated research proposal with one central problem, methodology and elaboration.
    • Applicable to all applications within the area of Humanities
  • Call closed
  • Announcement of results: December 2016
  • Start of project: 1 January 2017

Profile and conditions

  • As a team of researchers you need consumables, equipment and personnel grants to conduct a joint research project combining complementary expertise and relevant scientific input from both sides.
  • As an applicant within the Flemish sub-project, you must meet the criteria for regular research projects of the FWO (Article 9 of the regulations for research projects)
  • As an applicant of the Dutch sub-project, you must be a ‘senior researcher’. These are experienced, promoted researchers appointed at a Dutch research institute.  This can be a tenured appointment or a temporary appointment during the duration of the application process and the research. Art. 2.1 and 2.2 of the NWO Grant regulations specify from which organisations a grant application can be submitted to NWO.
  • You submit the integral programme proposal, involving at least one Dutch and one Flemish researcher, to the lead agent. In the current round (2016), the applicant from The Netherlands acts as co-applicant in the application which is submitted to FWO.
  • Applications in the framework of this lead agency with The Netherlands do not count toward the calculation of the maximum number of projects per application round for which you may act as (co-) supervisor. In addition, supervisor-spokesman, who were awarded a project, do not need to skip an application round before being able to submit an application.
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  • The partners follow the assessment procedure of the organization acting as lead agent. For this call (2016) FWO takes the lead.
  • The assessment procedure for this round with the FWO as lead agent, can be summarized as follows:
    • Applications can only be submitted digitally to FWO using the E-portal. You propose a list of 10 external referees (refer to the regulations for the eligibility criteria). Attention: referees from Belgium or The Netherlands are not allowed! In addition, the proposed referees cannot have a Conflict of Interest (CoI) with the Dutch partner(s).
    • Your application is submitted to a number of these referees for evaluation.
    • The FWO Expert panels evaluate your application.
    • The Panel for International Collaboration (CIS) selects the proposals that will be funded based on the advice given by the FWO Expert panels.
    • The Board of Trustees of FWO and GBG of NWO ratify the proposal of the CIS.
    • You can ask for feedback on the decision.

Regulations and downloads