Regulations for Project under the cooperation programme with “MINCyT” - Argentina

Every year, during a period to be defined, proposals can be submitted for joint research between groups from Argentina and Flanders, under the cooperation programme developed by the ex-Secretariat for Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (SECyT) of Argentina and the Research Foundation (FWO) of Belgium, under the Agreement signed by both institutions in 1998.  The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (MINCYT) en FWO facilitate the calls in the frame of this agreement.


To stimulate collaboration between Argentina and Flanders in the area of scientific research and development by means of conducting joint exchange projects, with preference being given to young postdoctoral researchers.

Scientific areas

The call for proposals is open to all scientific areas.

Duration of the Projects

The projects have a duration of two years.


The projects that are proposed shall be based on the collaboration between two or more research groups from Argentina and Flanders and approved by the respective heads of research who are duly authorised to direct the research and to demonstrate the availability of operating resources (other sources of funding). At the request of MINCyT, priority is given to totally new projects between research groups who have not collaborated previously (Argentina-Flanders). A project proposal that concerns or relies on research that has been completed, can still be eligible for funding if the strategic nature of the research is clearly demonstrated by the researchers and is accepted by both funding bodies.  Preference will also be given to the exchange of early career researchers.

Each principal investigator must submit the duly completed forms to the funding body in their own country. For the application to comply with the regulations, the forms must be submitted in both countries simultaneously.

Number of exchanges and duration of the missions

The number of exchanges has been established at a rate of one per year per project (a 
mission of an Argentinian Researcher in Flanders and a mission of a Flemish researcher in 
Argentina).  The duration of the stays can be:

  • For established researchers (more than ten years postdoctoral experience): from 10 days up to 15 days.
  • For early career researchers (less than ten years postdoctoral experience) : from 20 days up to 30 days.


The grants will be provided by the MINCyT and the FWO. These are intended to pay for travel and accommodation expenses for travel between Belgium and Argentina of researchers who are to perform certain specific tasks within the project. (Travel costs to the host country, as far as the place of work, are paid by the sending country. The home country pays the accommodation costs).

The FWO pays the travel costs of Flemish researchers, and Argentinian researchers receive a fixed daily allowance of €50. For long visits, a monthly allowance of €1,300 is paid in addition to health insurance cover.

In theory the missions consist of one exchange per year per project, and have a duration of  maximum 30 days. The missions must be clearly specified on the application form, including the duration, the approximate dates and the names of the participating researchers. The approval of the project by both countries shall imply the approval of the missions as specified on the form, unless otherwise stipulated in the Bilateral Minutes of Scientific Advisers. The Argentinian and Flemish heads of the project shall, by the end of the first year of the project, submit a report on the activities carried out, as well as the resulting publications, if any.

Evaluation and Selection of projects

Projects will be evaluated as follows:

National evaluation: the national evaluation will be carried out by each institution in the month of October/November. For the FWO, this evaluation is carried out by the Panel for International Scientific Contacts.

Bilateral evaluation: a joint committee will deliberate on the final selection of the proposals and in December 2015, it will make a final and irrevocable decision on the projects in the "Bilateral Minutes of the Joint Committee of Scientific Advisers", signed by representatives of both countries.

The implementation of approved projects will take place as from 1 March 2016.

Coordinating Office in Argentina

National Directorate of International Relations
Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (MINCyT)
Godoy Cruz 2320, 4th floor C1425FQD.
Capital Federal C.A.B.A

Bilateral Area. DNRI.
Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation
Lic. Azul Irazoqui
Project Official
Tel: 4899 5000
Ext: 4128

In Argentina, forms for the submission of projects can be obtained at the above-mentioned address, or via the Internet:

Coordinating Office in Flanders:

Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Egmontstraat 5
1000 Brussel

Dr. Ir. Isabelle Verbaeys
Head International Affairs
Tel: +32-2 512 91 10
Fax: +32-2 512 58 90

In Flanders, forms for the submission of projects can be downloaded from the website of the Research Foundation-Flanders:



Note: the English version of the regulations are only a translation and have no legal force.