Cooperation with Brazil


The FWO is keen on promoting international collaboration as a driving force for excellence. That is why the FWO signs agreements with a number of countries for the funding of potential exchange projects. 

To develop and strengthen collaboration between Flanders and Brazil in the area of scientific and technological research, the FWO has signed an agreement with the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico Tecnológico (CNPQ). This cooperation involves: 

  • the execution of jointly agreed R&D projects
  • the exchange of researchers, scientists and public officials. The exchange should encourage research and enable the exchange of experiences within joint projects
  • the organisation of scientific and technological seminars, workshops, symposia and other mutually beneficial meetings. These initiatives should promote the interaction between relevant institutes and research groups of both countries as the foundation for even closer cooperation in the future.
  • the exchange of information aimed at developing a joint R&D policy and strategy
  • the exchange of information and scientific publications


  • Duration of projects: 2 years
  • The funding covers the exchange of researchers and the organisation of seminars and workshops.
  • Each party bears the full costs of its researchers (travel, accommodation and living expenses). FWO pays Flemish researchers a daily living allowance of €66 (or max. €1,650 per month) + travel expenses (travel to be booked through Omnia
  • Submission deadline: Determined each year in consultation with CNPQ.
  • Announcement of results: variable
  • Start of project: variable

Profile and conditions

  • You hold a PhD
  • You are affiliated to a university in the Flemish Community (or to a university college of the corresponding association) or belong to the scientific staff of the Dutch-speaking community of a scientific institute.
  • The scientific domains available for cooperation vary


  • You must submit your project proposal simultaneously to FWO and CNPq

  • You propose a list of 3 external referees (refer to the regulations to see who is eligible)

  • One referee will be asked for advice
  • The Panel of International Scientific Contacts (CIWC) evaluates your application
  • The decision as to which projects will be funded is made in consultation with CNPq

Regulations and downloads