Advice, selection- and evaluation criteria Scientific Research Network


  • Scientific relevance of the activity
  • International scientific level of excellence, importance and education of the core group. A research group can only act as a core group once.
  • Critical mass of qualitative outstanding Flemish research departments in the discipline. If there is a noticeable absence of a Flemish group with an international reputation in relation to the activity, this should be substantiated.
  • High scientific level of the domestic and foreign participating departments
  • Inter-, multi- and transdisciplinarity
  • Clear complementarity of the groups as regards the activity
  • Relevance and feasibility of the proposal
  • Priority will be given to groups whereby the formation of a Scientific Research Network offers clear added value for Flemish scientific potential
  • The necessity of this allowance for enabling and/or maintaining the collaboration relationships


  • Leading role of the Scientific Research Network in one’s own field and added value for Flanders
  • Interaction between the various research bodies
  • Promotion of interdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity
  • Joint publications
  • The extent to which the Scientific Research Network served as origin for mandates, projects and Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Jointly organised workshops, symposia, seminaries and conferences
  • Exchange of researchers, scientific data and/or information
  • Jointly established research projects and elaboration on methodology