Outgoing mobility

Schematic overview of measures related to international mobility

In response to the latest developments in the coronavirus outbreak, all outbound travel paid for with FWO funds is only allowed if positive travel advice is given by the employer (research institution to which you are affiliated as a researcher).  You are required to comply with the applicable guidelines and procedures of the institution concerned.

If you wish to reschedule your departure and have not yet booked a ticket with one of the licensed travel agencies (Omnia or Uniglobe South West Travel), you can still use the grant at a later date if the destination has a positive travel advice from your host institution.  For this purpose, contact the responsible advisory body of your host institution. Please also advise the FWO of your rescheduled departure.

If you have already booked a ticket with one of the licensed travel agencies and you wish to cancel it, you must contact the relevant travel agency (Omnia or Uniglobe South West Travel) to cancel or reschedule your flight. If your flight cannot be rebooked free of charge or if the associated additional charges cannot be recovered from the licensed travel agencies, you have to submit a claim to AIG.  The FWO has taken out assistance insurance with AIG for its grant recipients. Attention; AIG will only cover the costs if your travel was cancelled by reasons other than your personal decision or control. The policy number is 9.500.573. After submitting the claim, AIG will send you a form that you must complete and return. In case FWO paid the travel costs immediately to the travel agency, you’ll have to list FWO as a beneficiary in the AIG claim. If AIG accepts the claim, you will be allowed to use the FWO grant later on, under the following conditions (1) FWO has retrieved the costs by AIG, (2) for congresses and workshops; it has to concern the same congress or workshop as initially approved by FWO, taking place on a later occasion (3) for scientific stays abroad, the scientific goals and the host institution as described in the initially approved application, should still be feasible/identical. If AIG does not accept the claim, the grant is no longer valid.

Grant for participation in a conference abroad

The FWO encourages mobility among researchers and international contacts between research groups. This grant supports researchers who wish to actively participate in an international scientific conference abroad.

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Grant for a short study visit abroad

This grant supports researchers who wish to spend a short period abroad to perform research in a non-Belgian organisation, to specialize in specific research techniques, to perform archive research and/or fieldwork abroad, under the condition that it concerns (strategic) basic research.

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Grant for participation in a workshop or course abroad

This grant supports researchers who wish to participate in a course or workshop abroad giving them the opportunity to (further) specialize in their area of interest in a scientific knowledge or research center within the framework of research or new techniques.

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Grant for a long stay abroad

This grant supports researchers who will be staying abroad for a longer period to perform advanced research, to specialize in specific research techniques, to perform archive research and/or fieldwork.

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Grant for a long stay at an ERC Grantee abroad

Since 2016 FWO offers grants to go abroad and conduct research in the excellent research environment of a former or current ERC Grantee.

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Postdoctoral Fellowship Japan

This programme supports young and excellent postdoctoral researchers who wish to carry out scientific research at a Japanese institute recognized by JSPS, for a specified period of time. The programme is open to the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

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Scientific Prize SofinaBoël Fellowships

Thanks to the help of the King Baudouin Foundation, acting on behalf of the SofinaBoël Fund for Education and Talent, FWO and F.R.S.-FNRS may grant the SofinaBoël Fellowships to talented PhD students for a research and/or training stay abroad.

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