OUTGOING [PEGASUS]² Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships

In the current programme framework, there will be no future calls


OUTGOING [PEGASUS]² Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowships offer postdoctoral researchers in the Flemish Community the possibility to boost their research career by gaining international research experience. More generally, the objective of these fellowships is to internationalize the Flemish research and to anchor the gained knowledge and expertise in Flanders.


  • Outgoing fellowships with a duration of three years intended for postdoctoral researchers of the Flemish Community who
    • wish to carry out research at a foreign research institution or company the first two years of their fellowship;
    • return to the Flemish Community the third year of their fellowship in order to continue their research activities at the Flemish host institution to which the fellow is affiliated during the entire 3-year fellowship (obligatory return period!).
  • Salary scale of PhD Assistant (according to the Decree of the Flemish Government of 4 May 2001 (Belgian Official Gazette, 9 January 2002)): minimum € € 29.069,73 - maximum € 45.317,25.
  • Additional: mobility allowance of € 1 650 per month (during the two years abroad) + yearly bench fee of € 4000
  • One-time allowance for travel expenses of the fellow to and from the place of destination abroad
  • You agree with the Research Integrity Clause


In the current programme framework, there will be no future calls.

Profile and conditions?

  • You hold a PhD.
  • You obtained your PhD no longer than three years ago or you currently hold a first regular FWO postdoctoral fellowship and you wish to apply for this OUTGOING [PEGASUS]² MSCA fellowship as a postdoctoral extension, immediately following on your current FWO postdoc fellowship.
  • You must have been performing research activities in the Flemish Community one year immediately prior to the submission deadline.
  • In the three years preceding the start of the fellowship (calculated on the date of the 1st of October 2016 or 1st of January 2017), you have not stayed for longer than 12 months in the country where you wish to carry out research in the first two years.  
  • If you have the nationality of an EU member state or one of the countries mentioned on this list, you can choose where you wish to carry out research the first two years of your fellowship. If you have another nationality, you can only conduct your research activities in an EU member state or one of the countries of this list. If in this case you do prefer a destination that is not on the list, it is only possible if you have carried out full time research activities in an EU member state or one of the countries mentioned on this list for at least five consecutive years.


  • You contact a head of a research unit at a university in the Flemish Community or at officially registered higher education institutions that can award a PhD degree, or at one of the following institutions:
    • Vlerick Business School (VLERICK)
    • Antwerp Management School (UAMS)
    • Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITG)
    • Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB)
    • Institute for European Studies (IES)
    • Institute of Jewish Studies (IJS)
    • Antwerp Maritime Academy (Nautical Sciences)

Where appropriate, the research project can be done in collaboration with Flemish or federal scientific institutions.

  • You contact a head of a research unit at a foreign host institution.
  • You complete your online application in English through the online form (FWO e-portal) and complete all necessary personal info in the FWO e-portal. For submissions within the second call the official application form will be made available online in March 2016. However, an example can already be consulted in the section ‘Regulations and Downloads’.
  • The head of the Flemish and the foreign research unit write a recommendation letter at the request of the FWO.
  • You propose a list of 10 referees in your application (refer to the internal and external peer review regulations to see who is eligible). Attention: nor referees with a Belgian affiliation nor referees from the foreign institution at which the candidate will conduct research during the first two years are allowed!
  • At least 2 referees will be asked for advice.
  • Your application is submitted to the FWO Expert Panels.
  • The Expert Panels report to the International Collaboration Committee, which compiles an overall ranking.
  • The International Collaboration Committee reports to the Board of Trustees.
  • The Board of Trustees decides on the appointment.
  • After this decision the results will be published immediately online at www.fwo.be.
  • Within a week the applicants will be informed by e-mail about the approval/rejection of their application.
  • Within two months all the applicants will receive a complete feedback report.

Regulations and downloads

The following documents are available through the e-portal:

  • Application for a bicycle mileage compensation
  • Restriction of the duties
  • Notification of a stay abroad
  • Notification tasks – Postdoctoral researcher