Regulations for Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science 2020


Art. 1.

Candidates must be affiliated to a university in the Flemish Community (or to a university college of the corresponding association) or belong to the scientific staff of the Dutch-speaking community of a scientific institute, and have obtained a PhD degree at the time of the start of the fellowship.

Art. 2.

Candidates can apply within six years after having obtained a PhD (reference date is April 2).

Art. 3.

Applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • a completed application form;
  • a copy of the candidate’s PhD degree diploma (or letter from the candidate’s institution stating the date that he/she will officially receive the degree); 
  • scientific programme;
  • a letter of reference/recommendation from the Belgian supervisor(s);
  • a letter of acceptance/invitation of the Japanese supervisor(s), showing that the programme will be carried out with the supervisor(s) during the specified period of time
  • additional documents (if necessary).

Art. 4.

The programme is open to the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and the stay must be carried out in an institution or laboratory accepted by JSPS.

Art. 5.

The programme is intended exclusively for research at postdoctoral level.

Art. 6.

The stay has a duration of 12 to 24 months (full months). All stays must commence before 30 November 2020.

Art. 7.

Applications must be submitted before 1 April 2020 (5 pm Belgian time) to the Research Foundation - Flanders, Egmontstraat 5, 1000 Brussels, using the appropriate forms. Applications must be submitted via email at


The following are compensated by JSPS:

  • return-trip flight ticket;
  • monthly allowance of 362,000 Yen;
  • settling-in allowance of 200,000 Yen;
  • travel accident and sickness insurance coverage, for the beneficiary only;

If the candidate is accepted by JSPS, he/she can in collaboration with his/her host-researcher apply for a “Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Tokubetsu Kenky-uin Shorei-hi)”. This grant is intended to cover cooperative research-related expenses.



Note: the English version of the regulations are only a translation and have no legal force.