Grant Belgian Historical Institute in Rome


Since 1902 the Belgian Historical Institute in Rome (BHIR) has been studying the history of our regions. The focus is mainly on their relations with Italy and Rome in particular. Both communities provide funding to support this research through grants. The grant supports (mainly young) researchers active in the areas of history, art history, philology and archaeology.


  • Grant for research in archives, in libraries, on archaeological sites and in museums
  • Fixed allowance for travel and living expenses
  • Deadline: 30 September
  • Announcement of results: via personal letter

Profile and conditions

  • You hold a Master's degree or PhD in Humanities or perform research that is connected to the objectives of the BHIR. 


  • Your application is submitted to the trustee committee of the BHIR.
  • Your application is forwarded for advice to the Panel for International Scientific Contacts (CIWC). 
  • Your application is sent for additional advice to two professors, at least one of whom belongs to a different university or scientific institute.

Regulations and downloads