SB 2018: list of research themes of which candidates should choose one. (SB expert panels will be composed along these themes)


BIO – Biological Sciences

SBBio10 - Molecular & cellular biology

Molecular research of cell biological phenomena, signalling, cellular interactions and histology, synthetic biology, cell biological imaging

SBBio40 - Applied biological sciences 1 - ecology

applied ecology & ecotoxicology, , environmental monitoring, environmental technologies,  agrochemistry, soil science, forestry

SBBio41 - Applied biological science 2 - food

Food sciences, food (bio)chemistry, food microbiology, food sciences and technology, fermentation technology, applied nutrition sciences,  dietetics, food safety

SBBio42 - Applied biological science 3 - industrial biotechnology and microbiology

Industrial biotechnology and microbiology, enzyme technology; biocatalysis; bioprocess technology; fermentation technology, production of bioenergy, bioreactor engineering

SBBio43 - Applied biological sciences 4 - agriculture and horticulture

Agriculture and horticulture (crop protection, plant cultivation) ; post-harvest technology (storage); plant biotechnology; plant breeding

G&M – Social Sciences

SBGM10 - Social sciences

Social sciences and humanities; "economic finality" context, e.g. economics (incl. urban planning, logistics, mobility and transport); communication sciences, psychology, law…

MED – Medical Sciences

SBMed10 - Pharmaceutical sciences

Pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical (bio)technology, clinical chemistry, medicinal material technology, radiopharmacy, biomarker technology (detection), pharmacognosy and phytochemistry, nanotechnology

SBMed11 - Medical biochemistry

Enzymology; structural biology; functional proteome analysis; biochemical and metabolic research; molecular modelling; glycobiology; analytical biochemical techniques; post-translational modifications; proteomics; metabolomics; lipidomics; downstream processing; protein chemistry

SBMed20 - Genetics and functional genome research

Genomics, cytogenetics, gene identification, mapping, gene therapy;  functional gene analysis in disease and in health; applied and clinical genetics; molecular genetics; genetic epidemiology; genetic association studies; gene-gene and gene-environment interactions

SBMed21 - Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics; systems biology; computational biology

SBMed22 - Development biology and stem cell research

Research related to fertility, development, regeneration and ageing proesses; stem cell biology; animal saving/animal free research, cellular therapies, bioreactor technology for cell culture applications

SBMED30 - Immunology

Immunologic research (human disorders); vaccinology, (auto)inflammation, allergology;  immunomodulation and immunotherapy

SBMed31 - Infectuous diseases

Research related to human infectuous diseases, vaccinology, parasitology

SBMed40 - Cancer research

Research related to oncopathogenesis, cancer diagnosis (incl. imaging), cancer therapies (incl. immunotherapy, radio therapy, chemotherapy)

SBMed50 - Neurosciences and psychiatry

Research related to neurosciences and psychiatry (incl. ophtalmology and ansthesiology)

SBMed51 - Organs and organ systems: orthopedics, physiotherapy, dermatology, dentistry, maxillofacial  and ENT medicine

Physiopathological research related to musculoskeletal system and rheumatology; physiotherapy research, orthopedics, movement & rehabilitation sciences; dentistry and maxillofacial medicine; dermatology and dermato cosmetics; ENT medicine

SBMed60 - Organs and organ systems: cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nephrology, urogential system, hematology

Physiopathological research related to the cardiovascular system (incl. electrophysiology), the respiratory system, nephrology and hematology, urogenital system, reproduction, transplantations

SBMed70 - Organs and organ systems: gastroenterology, hepatology, endocrinology, metabolism and reproduction

Physiopathological research related to gastroenterology, hepatology, endocrinology, matabolism, , transplantations

SBMed80 -  Health sciences

Research related to the population level; epidemiological research; biostatistics; health economy; health organisation and management; preventive medicine; clinical studies; sportsciences; public health; therapeutic adherence; bioethics; nursing; palliative care; general medicine; general pediatrics and neonatology; gerontology; family medicine

SBMed90 - Veterinary and animal production

Veterinary; immunological research; research related to animal infectuous diseases; animal production; aquaculture and fishery; animal housing; veterinary public health

 W&T – Science & Technology

SBWT30 - Data science

Databases and data mining; machine learning; artificial intelligence; image-, audio- and speech data processing; modelling

SBWT40 - Organic chemistry, material/polymer chemistry, biochemistry

Organic chemistry (organic synthesis and bioorganic chemistry); materials chemistry (polymer chemistry, solid state chemistry, supramolecular chemistry) and biochemistry; medicinal chemistry; synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds

SBWT41 - Analytical and inorganic chemistry

Analytical and inorganic chemistry (incl. physical anf theoretical chemistry); analysis of pharmaceutical compounds

SBWT50 - Informatics and data communication

Parallel and distributed computing; programming languages and techniques; software engineering; scientific computing; software for embedded and real-time systems; web and information systems and their management; computer networks; computer security

SBWT60 - Chemical engineering and catalysis

Chemical engineering; reactor technology incl. chemical kinetics; product design and formulation; process engineering, streamlining and intensification (incl. high throughput strategies); homogenuous/heterogeneous/ technical catalysis; transport phenomena; multiphase flow, microfluidics; multiscale modelling; porous materials and membranes

SBWT61 - Material sciences

Material characterization (incl. non-destructive testing and mechanical properties of materials), nano- and biomaterials, including tissue engineering, materials and materials processing (powders, ceramics, metals, polymers, composites, textiles, colloids, gels, liquid crystals, bio-degradable materials, etc.), surface engineering and tribology, rheology

SBWT70 - Electronics

Micro- and nano-electronics (incl. EMC and power management),circuits and systems (incl. CAD), electronics with advanced materials, opto-electronics and photonics, embedded systems, signal processing, bio-electronics and biomedical systems and engineering

SBWT71 - Telecommunications

Telecommunication (hardware and transmission), high frequency design (antenna/radiation/EMC); optoelectronic communication

SBWT72 - Mechanical engineering

Mechatronics, product development, design and production technologies, energy generation and energy conversion systems,  heat transfer and fluid mechanics

SBWT73 - Biomechanics

Biomechanics (musculosceletal, implants), cardiovascular fluid mechanics; tissue engineering, robot surgery

SBWT80 - Earth sciences

Petrology and mineralogy, geochemistry, geology, sedimentology, soil sciences, oceanography, fysical geography, cartography/geoinformation science

SBWT90 - Construction and architecture

Structural engineering, (sustainable) construction materials and technologies, building physics and energy-efficient construction and renovation, architecture and urban design