PhD Fellowships L'Oréal - UNESCO

The cooperation protocol between L’Oréal Belgilux, the Belgian Regional Commissions for UNESCO, the F.R.S-FNRS (National Fund for Scientific Research) and the FWO (Reseach Foundation - Flanders) offers three young women the opportunity to participate in a scientific research once every two years.  The three fellowships, each worth 30,000 Euros, are reserved for research in the domain of biomedical sciences or science and technology. Since its creation, 18 female scientists have received this excellency fellowship.

The FWO (Research Foundation - Flanders) and the F.R.S-FNRS (National Fund for Scientific Research) will make a first selection of the candidates. Each fund will introduce minimum 5 and maximum 10 female candidates to the L’Oréal-UNESCO-jury, who will then grant the fellowships. The jury will be chaired by Professor Christine Van Broeckhoven. She was the European Laureate for the International Award For Women in Science of L’Oréal/UNESCO in the year 2006.

The L’Oréal-UNESCO fellowships fit in with the agreement that L’Oréal and UNESCO made on September 29th 1999 for promoting women in science. In addition to the national fellowships, L’Oréal-UNESCO also awards prizes to five eminent female professors, one for each region. The organization furthermore grants 54 national and regional fellowships to promising female researchers in 118 countries.