Pegasus Marie Curie Fellowships


The purpose of the Pegasus Marie Curie Fellowship is to attract excellent postdoctoral researchers to Flanders in order to contribute to the advancement of Flemish research. The fellowship provides the selected fellows with optimal conditions to further develop their research career in Flanders or abroad.


  • Pegasus Long: Postdoctoral fellowships of 3 years at a Flemish university, once renewable
  • Pegasus Short: Postdoctoral fellowships of 1 year at a Flemish university
  • Salary scale: minimum €29,069.73 - maximum €45,317.25
  • This programme has closed. In September 2015 FWO launched a completely new [PEGASUS]² programme focussing on incoming as well as outgoing mobility. More information can be found here.

Regulations and downloads