Specific call for candidates to a postdoctoral fellowship on ALS

The legacy of Mr. Van Eyck to the FWO stipulates the one-off spending of € 322,000 in favor of research on the neurological disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

In the framework of the FWO call postdoctoral fellowships 2020 (submission deadline December 2, 2019) , the donation will be used to finance an additional fellowship with research contributing to improving the knowledge or treatment of ALS.

The evaluation of the candidates for this specific postdoctoral fellowship will be conducted following the same terms as for the regular postdoctoral fellowships. Applications not selected for the ALS fellowship will be integrated in the ranking and selection of the regular felllowships.

Candidates for this specific fellowship are required:

  • to clearly indicate 'ALS-fellowship' in the research proposal title of the application
  • in addition to the e-portal application- to announce the application by email to med@fwo.be
  • to insert in the project outline (pdf to be uploaded) an additional paragraph motivating the use of the additional bench fee of € 50,000 (in addition to the fellowship and the regular bench fee)

More info on applying in the regular junior and senior postdoc call