Advice, selection- and evaluation criteria Senior Clinical investigator


The applications will be evaluated by the FWO-Expertpanels, who will judge the qualifications of the candidates. The Expertpanels will give an advice to the Board. The Board of Trustees makes the final decision.

The FWO demands a letter of recommendation from the head of the research unit, and a description of the clinical task by the medical superintendent/head of the clinic or the animal clinic.

Each applicant, should propose ten external referees. From this list, the FWO will invite a number of referees to evaluate the application in writing.

Referees need to comply with the criteria stipulated in article 12, §4 of the FWO Regulations on Internal and External Peer Review.

Each application must be accompanied by a certificate of the director of the concerned university hospital or animal clinic, and of the dean of the concerned faculty, in which is confirmed that the person concerned, if he receives a mandate, will be excused part time of his current task, to devote himself to clinical research.


  • research capability and potential (including course results)
  • research skills and methodology
  • scientific background of the candidate
  • scientific independence
  • originality and innovative nature of the project
  • mobility of the applicant
  • feasibility of the project
  • purposefulness of the project
  • clinical experience and independence of the applicant


  • research ability and skills
  • national and international level of the publications
  • involvement of research team
  • promotion relationship research - clinical practice