Medium-scale research infrastructure


Research infrastructure comprises all facilities and sources that promote the performance of cross-border and strategic basic research across all scientific disciplines. Besides scientific infrastructure, this includes collections, natural habitats, corpora and databases (including digital opening up).

Medium scale research infrastructure is defined as research infrastructure with a total financing cost of at least EUR 150,000 and at most EUR 1,000,000 (including VAT).


  • Project period: 4 years, renewable with maximum two years
  • Eligible organizations: research groups from Flemish universities.  Applications for medium scale research infrastructure are made within each university
  • Acceptable costs:
    • Equipment: Costs for research investments, i.e. the costs of purchasing and connecting the research infrastructure or purchasing the components for the construction of the planned research infrastructure, including the non-refundable portion of VAT. This also includes the upgrading, i.e. the substantial improvement of existing research infrastructure;
    • Personnel costs for the development and construction of the research infrastructure. This also includes the personnel costs for upgrading the research infrastructure and the costs for the operational or maintenance personnel once the infrastructure is up and running;
    • Operational costs consisting of maintenance costs over the entire depreciation period, i.e. the costs arising from maintenance agreements or research infrastructure upgrades and equipment repairs.
  • Funding percentage: 100%
  • Available budget for current call medium scale RI: € 20.4 M
  • Call closed
  • Announcement of results: end of March 2020

Important changes compared to the previous call

  • Pursuant article 11 of the amendment to the Decree amending various decrees relating to the economic, science and innovation policy, approved on 1 March 2019, only research groups from universities can submit applications.
  • The universities organize an internal call for medium-sized research infrastructure.
  • Each university adopts regulations about medium-sized research infrastructure in a university regulation and establishes an internal advisory committee on 'infrastructure'. The composition and the name of this committee is part of the autonomy of the university.


  • Each university incorporates a regulation on medium scale research infrastructure and establishes an internal selection procedure.
  • As supervisor of the infrastructure project, you prepare your proposal via the FWO e-portal and transfer your proposal in preparation to your host institution (= main applicant of the proposal ). Please contact the research coordination office of your research institution for internal deadlines and practicalities.
  • Your host institution submits your proposal to FWO via the e-portal by September 16, 2019 at 5 PM. Application dossiers must clearly indicate whether
    • there is cooperation with (an)other university(ies) or with third parties;
    • such cooperation with (an)other university(ies) or with third parties will be developed further.
  • Between September 17, 2019 and October 21, 2019 the universities consult each other with a view to achieving maximum cooperation;
  • The applications are assessed within each university in accordance with the provisions of the internal rules on medium scale research infrastructure of each university:
  • Each university draws up an indicative list of applications proposed for subsidies and transfers this indicative list to the FWO before February 3, 2020.
  • For each university, the FWO assesses the indicative lists taking into account the selection criteria of each university, as well as the results of the inter-university consultations;
  • The FWO board of trustees makes a final decision on the financing to be allocated in during its meeting in March 2020.

Regulations and downloads


General questions on the call for medium-scale research infrastructure or specific questions related to submitting an application for this call, can be obtained from the unversities’ contact person.

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