Regulations for Research Projects “Red Cross 2017-2018”

Art. 1.

Thanks to the support from Belgian Red Cross-Flanders, the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) awards funding for research programmes in the area of ‘Social and medical aspects of (blood) donorship'.

The projects that will be financed by the FWO as a result of this support must be related to:

”'Fundamental research in the area of prevention, epidemiology, intervention, rehabilitation and integration in relation to  medical, economic, legal, pedagogical, psychological and social aspects of (blood) donorship.”

Art. 2.

Applications for funding are to be submitted at the FWO and have to be submitted to the FWO using the online application forms (e-loket), at the latest on May 1, 2016, 5 PM. The research will be carried out at a university in the Flemish Community or at officially registered higher education institutions that can award a PhD degree, or at one of the following institutions:

  • Vlerick Business School (VLERICK)
  • Antwerp Management School (UAMS)
  • Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITG)
  • Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB)
  • Institute for European Studies (IES)
  • Institute of Jewish Studies (IJS)
  • Antwerp Maritime Academy (Nautical Sciences)

Where appropriate, the research project can be done in collaboration with Flemish or federal scientific institutions.

The supervisor who also acts as the responsible spokesperson vis-à-vis the FWO, must comply with Article 9 of the regulations for research projects, or has to hold an equal position at one of the institutes mentioned above.

Art. 3.

Applications will be evaluated by an independent FWO committee 'Red Cross' and should therefore include a detailed scientific research programme. 

Art. 4.

No grants are awarded to researchers who pursue material gains. 

Art. 5.

Beneficiaries of a grant awarded by the Research Foundation – Flanders within the scope of the Red Cross campaign, must submit a written scientific and financial report on the use of the awarded grant to the FWO. For the intermediate and ex-post evaluations of the files, the administrative bodies call on the FWO Expert panels.

Art. 6.                 

Grants applied for and awarded within the scope of the Red Cross campaign are subject to the regulatory and jurisprudential provisions in force at the FWO for the application for and awarding of grants for staff, equipment, and bench fees. 

Art. 7.

Any disputes regarding the admissibility of submitted applications and the actual award of the grants shall be settled by the Research Foundation – Flanders, whose decision cannot be appealed.

Art. 8.

The publication of research results obtained through a grant awarded by the FWO within the scope of the Red Cross campaign must mention the origin of the research grant to be jointly the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders and the FWO.

Note: the English version of the regulations are only a translation and have no legal force.