Advice, selection- and evaluation criteria Research project


The applications will be evaluated by the FWO-Expertpanels, who will judge the qualifications of the candidates. The Expertpanels will give an advice to the Board. The Board of Trustees makes the final decision.

Each applicant, should propose ten external referees. From this list, the FWO will invite a number of referees to evaluate the application in writing.

Referees need to comply with the criteria stipulated in article 12, §4 of the FWO Regulations on Internal and External Peer Review.


  • international scientific level of the research groups
  • methodology
  • originality and innovative nature of the project
  • importance of the project
  • purposefulness of the project
  • feasibility of the project
  • collaboration and coordination between research departments
  • necessity for the budgeted resources


  • to what extent has the goal set been accomplished
  • quality publications in international journals with peer committee