Baillet Latour Grant for Medical Research (GMR) 2018


Since 2015 the “Baillet Latour Fund” has been awarding grants to young independent investigators to conduct medical research in Belgium.  This initiative has replaced the former InBev–Baillet Latour Prize for Clinical research.


  • This grant will be awarded to a young independent investigator of any nationality to conduct medical research in Belgium. This research must pertain to the topic of the international "BAILLET LATOUR Health Prize" for 2018 (Cancer).

  • Applicants must hold a full-time position and a salary secured for at least five years beyond the beginning of the GMR and conduct their research in a Belgian University and/or Belgian University Hospital. They must hold a Ph.D. degree awarded no more than 12 years before the deadline for application.

  • This GMR is awarded for three years with a possible extension for two more years (grand total of 750,000 euros). Grant money can be used to meet costs of personnel (except applicant's salary), consumables and equipment. The awardee of the GMR will be selected by the international "Selection Panel of the BAILLET LATOUR Medical Research Awards", which also selects the winner of the Health Prize. 

    The next five-year grants (GMR) will be awarded for research projects on Cardiovascular diseases (2019), Metabolic Disorders (2020), Infectious Diseases (2021), Neurological Diseases (2022).

  • For more information (including Regulations and Application Form) go to

 Profile and conditions

  • You are a young, promising researcher.
  • You must hold a full-time tenure in a Belgian University and/or University Hospital and a Ph.D. awarded no more than 12 years before the date of application.


  • Applications must be submitted electronically using the form provided via
  • Incomplete files will be rejected outright

Regulations and downloads

All information (regulations, application form…) can be found on the website from the “Baillet Latour Fund” ( under the heading 'medical research'.