Regulations for award of the FWO Excellence Prizes for the period 2011-2015

Art. 1.

For the period 2011-2015, the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) will award the following prizes to prominent researchers from the Flemish Scientific Community.

    • 1 prize to be awarded to a candidate from the Exact Sciences,
    • 1 prize to be awarded to a candidate from the Applied Sciences,
    • to be awarded to a candidate from the Social Sciences and Humanities,
  •  theJOSEPH MAISIN PRIZES, of which
    • 1 prize to be awarded to a candidate from the Fundamental Biomedical Sciences,
    • 1 prize to be awarded to a candidate from the Clinical-Biomedical Sciences.

Art. 2.

The prizes embrace all scientific domains and are awarded to researchers holding a position at a university in the Flemish Community or to the Evangelic Protestant Faculty in Leuven or the Faculty for Protestant Theology in Brussels, possibly in collaboration with a Flemish or Federal scientific institution where they conduct their research, for at least five year prior to the application.

Art. 3.

The amount of each of the above prizes is 100.000 EUR.

Art. 4.

The prizes cannot be shared.

Art. 5.

In order to qualify for consideration, all candidates need to be nominated by a researcher who himself or herself is suitably qualified to judge the merits of the candidate; one nominator can only recommend one candidate per prize.

The individual nominating the candidate needs to submit the appropriate form, containing the following information:

  •  An English expose of maximum 5 pages wherein the nomination in question is substantiated and justified.
  • A cv and publication list of the Candidate

In addition, the nominator shall submit five names of international referees, accompanied by their brief curriculum vitae and list of their five most recent and relevant publications.  The external referees are subject to the current Regulations FWO - Internal and External Peer Review. The nominator may list maximal three researchers whom may not serve as an external referee. 

In addition, the nominator has to add to the submission, two recommendation letters of international researchers active in the same research domain of the nominee. 

Research groups are not eligible to submit their candidacies.

Art. 6.

To conduct the scientific evaluation of the nominated candidates, the Board and the Board of Trustees of the FWO shall assemble three jury panels, one for the Sciences and Technology domain, one for Humanities and Social Sciences, and one for the domain of Biomedical Sciences.  The composition of the jury will be determined after the expiry of the submission deadline in order to match the expertise of the jury members to the received applications. 

Art. 7.

These three jury panels shall be composed exclusively of researchers that have no connection with any Belgian university or scientific institute.

A jury panel shall be composed of seven members.

The individuals that are nominators of candidates must not be amongst the jury members that will deliberate about the selection of the winning candidates.

Art. 8.

The Board and the Board of Trustees of the FWO shall draw up a document of Procedural Rules that will define the working methods to be employed by the jury members.

The jury panels shall, per individual candidate, designate 3 referees, 1 or 2 of whom to be chosen from the list of five names proposed by the nominator, and 2 or 1 not belonging to it.

Following assessment of the candidates, the jury panels shall recommend the selected laureates to the Board and the Board of Trustees or may suggest that the Prize not be awarded.

Art. 9.

The jury meetings, the reports, and the recommendations bearing on the award of these prizes shall be treated as, and remain, strictly confidential. There must be no contact between jury members and a nominated candidate or a nominator.


The Board and the Board of Trustees of the FWO shall decide whether to award the prizes or to withhold them.


With regards to the prizes that are not being awarded, a new procedure shall be instituted with a new publication of a call for submission of candidacies in accordance with the regulations. The awarding of these prizes needs to be conducted within two years, without causing any changes in the dates for awarding the next prizes.


The Board and the Board of Trustees of the FWO reserves the right to make additions to the regulations and to interpret them if and where necessary.


The candidacies for the prizes that will be awarded in 2015 need to be forwarded under closed and confidential cover to the Secretary-general of the Research Fund – Flanders, Egmontstraat 5 in 1000 BRUSSELS, at the latest by 3 November 2014.  In addition, an electronic version of this nomination needs to be send to