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13 top researchers are coming to Flanders

The flagship of the FWO, the Odysseus programme aims to encourage excellent researchers who have built up a career outside Flanders, to come and work in Flanders and establish themselves within the Flemish research community.

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Asteroid dust found within the dinosaur-killing crater

Sixty-six million years ago, a catastrophic mass extinction completely reshaped life on our planet. The (non-avian) dinosaurs vani…

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Supercomputers show their added value to Flemish research, in academia and industry

On January 14th, the EuroHPC’s LUMI kick-off in Belgium took place. LUMI is planned to become one of the world’s mightiest supercomputers end of this year. A perfect moment to have an update on the impact of the Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC).

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VUB scientist Mathieu Vinken coordinates prestigious European research into animal-free methods for testing chemical substances

Prof. Dr. Mathieu Vinken, pharmacist-toxicologist affiliated with the Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences of the VUB, will be responsible for the general coordination of the “ONTOX” project for a period of 5 years from 1 May 2021 onwards. The “ONTOX” project is looking for innovative methods to evaluate the safety of chemical substances without using laboratory animals. 

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