New PhD fellowships awarded

06/10/2023 11:00

The FWO board of trustees has awarded the PhD fellowships fundamental research and strategic basic research. This allows in total 498 young researchers to prepare a PhD, and to develop into independent scientists with a critical mindset.

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Seventy new COST actions approved

26/07/2023 14:14

On 12 May 2023, the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) has approved seventy new COST actions that will start between September and November 2023.

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Results senior clinical investigator fellowship

29/06/2023 08:36

This five-year fellowship supports postdoctoral clinical investigators. The beneficiaries are medical doctors and pharmacists specialised in clinical biology who are working as full time clinicians.

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FWO-annual 2022

06/06/2023 13:45

Flanders and the EU, it must be said: we score. And that ‘we’, that is all of us: all the FWO researchers who, together, have the privilege of exploring an ever-changing scientific landscape. Discover it in our 2022 annual.

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271 new postdoc fellowships awarded

24/05/2023 08:00

The FWO Board of Directors awarded 271 new postdoc fellowships of which 181 are junior fellowships and 90 senior. With these fellowships, the FWO wants to support researchers in developing an independent, international research career.

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Results projects Strategic Basic Research

17/05/2023 09:11

Voor deze oproep was er een beschikbaar budget van € 34.229.457 (excl. 17% overhead). Er werden 66 SBO-projectvoorstellen ingediend, waarvan 36 met SBO-E-finaliteit en 30 met SBO-M-finaliteit. Hiervan konden er 17 (9 SBO-E en 8 SBO-M) toegekend worden.

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New scientific Climate research prize

21/04/2023 08:40

On 22 April this year, it was once more Earth Day, a day dedicated to environmental protection. As part of this, FWO launched the new Scientific Prize for Climate Research.

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