2023 Call for FWO Review College Fundamental Research

09/03/2023 11:08

The Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) is looking for international experts in different scientific fields to strengthen its expert panels. These panels meet once or twice a year in Brussels to evaluate research proposals submitted by researchers in Flanders. The panels are made up of 12 members who are top experts in their discipline(s) as well as generalists able to evaluate research proposals in their wider field of study. The majority of panel members in each panel is not affiliated to a Flemish research institution.

FWO is currently looking for candidates to populate its Review College. The Review College is made up of highly qualified and experienced research experts who may be called upon to join an expert panel. Membership of the Review College does not commit you to serving in the panel, but enables FWO to contact you with an invitation to join a panel. FWO expects to appoint at least 150 new panel members in this call (start date: 1/1/2024).

FWO is looking for a wide variety of experts in each of its expert panels. The expert panels fundamental research at FWO are grouped in different scientific areas:

  • Biological Sciences (Bio)
  • Humanities (Cult)
  • Social Sciences (G&M)
  • Medical Sciences (Med)
  • Science and Technology (W&T)

Furthermore, the Specific Interdisciplinary panel evaluates interdisciplinary research applications. For this panel we are seeking new members with broad expertise profiles who have experience with both the practice and the assessment of interdisciplinary research across the traditional boundaries of disciplines, research topics, paradigms and research traditions. These experts should have a broad take on science and research as a whole and be able to assess applications from a holistic perspective.

An overview of the scientific scopes of all panels can be found here.

If you have a truly interdisciplinary and international profile and are interested in evaluating  proposals about international networking opportunities, collaborations etc. (not only focusing on core research fellowships and projects), we warmly invite you to apply for the Cross-Domain panel (CDP panel). Here, we are explicitly looking for experts with a broad profile who are willing to evaluate across different scientific domains.  

FWO strongly encourages women to apply.

Application instructions: see below

Application deadline: May 1 2023

Inquiries: vacancies@fwo.be

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Expert panel

Biological sciences

Bio1: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Bio2: Functional Biology

Bio3: Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution

Bio4: Applied Biological Sciences


Cult1: Linguistics

Cult2: Art, Art History, Architecture, Design and Literature

Cult3: History and Archeology

Cult4: Theology and Religious Studies

Cult5: Philosophy and Ethics

Social Sciences

G&M1: Sciences of Law and Criminology

G&M2: Economics, Business Administration and Management

G&M3: Psychology, Pedagogy and Educational Sciences

G&M4: Media and Communication Studies, Political Science, Social Work, Social and Cultural Anthropology and Sociology


Medical Sciences

Med1: Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medical Biochemistry

Med2: Bio-informatics, Genetics and Functional Genomics, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology

Med3: Immunology and Microbiology

Med4: Cancer Research

Med5: Neurology, Neuroscience, ENT medicine, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry

Med6: Respiratory System, Cardiovascular System, Hematology, Nephrology

Med7: Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Metabolism and Nutrition, Reproduction, Urogenital System

Med8: Health Sciences

Med9: Movement & Sports sciences, Dermatology, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, Dentistry and Maxillofacial Medicine, Orthopedics & Musculoskeletal Sciences, Rheumatology

Science and Technology

W&T1: Mathematical Sciences

W&T2: Physics

W&T3: Condensed Matter

W&T4: Chemistry

W&T5: Computer Science & Information Technology

W&T6: Chemical and Materials Engineering

W&T7: Electronics, Energy, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

W&T8: Sciences of the Earth and Space

W&T9: Science, Technology and Sociotechnical Analysis of the Built Environment

Specific Interdisciplinary Expertpanel

Cross Domain Panel

  • You belong to the top 30% of your discipline.
  • You have a generalist profile and are able to evaluate research proposals falling within the overall scope of your panel.
  • You are appointed at a university or a scientific institution at the postdoc level or higher.
  • Become a member of a panel of highly qualified experts
  • Meet other experts in your field in the heart of Europe
  • Stay informed about the latest evolutions in your field
  • All travel expenses are covered and you receive an expert fee of 650€/meeting day
  • Evaluation of research proposals; this includes writing and submitting review reports, attending panel meetings, conducting interviews with candidates and/or drawing up feedback reports. 
  • Attend an expert panel meeting once (November) or twice (Spring and Autumn) a year in Brussels.

“Membership of an FP and an FF expert panel is personal and non-transferable. The membership term of an FP and an FM expert panel shall be three years. This term may be renewed once. The Board of Trustees may temporarily replace a member, yet the membership term shall not be extended by the duration of such replacement. A member may be replaced only once per appointment and term and per application channel. A member of an FM expert panel may be replaced once for the evaluation of a postdoctoral call and once for the evaluation of a PhD call within the three-year term of the panel membership. Panel members cannot renew their seats until three years after the end of a first term that has not been renewed or until three years after the end of a second term.”

“Panel members having submitted a project application as promotor or co-promotor acting as (co-)promotor as (co-)supervisor for a fellowship application that will be handled by the panel of which they are a member, are not allowed to sit on that panel during the relevant application round.”

(art. 2 § 6 & 7, Regulations of the Research Foundation – Flanders governing the internal and external peer review)