Discontinuation partnership Russian Science Foundation

18/03/2022 14:44

The Board of Trustees of the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) strongly condemns any forms of aggression against independent states, such as Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, and deplores the inhuman suffering caused, including its impact on the affected academic communities. It is a direct attack on fundamental European values that are also important to the FWO. It is a severe violation not only of an independent state’s sovereign integrity and of the right to self-determination of its democratic society, but also of basic human rights. Against this backdrop, the FWO has decided to discontinue its partnership with the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) and to no longer launch calls for joint Russian-Flemish research projects for as long as it deems necessary. In the current context, the FWO will also stop funding Russian and Belarussian research. In practice this means that it is no longer possible to apply for research funding for Russian or Belarussian partner institutions through the various FWO funding channels, and that ongoing partnerships with institutions that support the Russian aggression against Ukraine are discontinued.

Science knows no colour, no nationality, no creed, no gender, and serves only to acquire knowledge that contributes to a better, healthier, more sustainable, freer and more peaceful society. However, scientific cooperation can only take place with respect for generally accepted core values. The FWO will therefore continue to support all international research partnerships on the strict condition that they respect the freedoms and rights that are necessary to create a favourable climate for scientific excellence.

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