Young talent for the Flemish Space Programme: call for “Frank De Winne” PhD fellowships

23/04/2021 15:06

On 23 April 2021, Minister Crevits launched the impulse programme “Flemish Space Economy” which focuses on talent, competitiveness, international cooperation, and promoting interest in space among the population. The funds under the programme (more than 11 million euros for the period 2021-2026) should provide the Flemish space economy with sufficient support as one of the levers for economic and social growth.

The Talent section in the form of twenty ‘Frank De Winne fellowships’ offers young research talents the opportunity to establish and develop a sustainable career in the Flemish space industry while at the same time taking space research in Flanders to the next level.

The impulse programme covers two types of research grants: a ‘Frank De Winne PhD’ fellowship at FWO which will enable young researchers to complete their PhD with research into applications in the space industry, and a ‘Frank De Winne post doc’ fellowship at VLAIO which should motivate post-doc researchers to independently investigate innovation opportunities in support of the space industry. A total of 16 PhD fellowships and 4 post-doc fellowships will be awarded.

The “Frank De Winne” PhD fellowships are PhD grants for strategic basic research (PhD SB) and are subject to the same regulations and evaluation procedures, with special attention to:

  • research cooperation with companies active in the space sector
  • training component (internships) with focus on innovation in the space sector
  • strategic nature (valorisation potential) for (Flemish) companies operating in the space economy.

A total of 16 ‘Frank De Winne PhD’ fellowships, spread over 3 calls, are available. A first call (for 5 fellowships) will open mid-June 2021 with submission deadline in mid-September 2021. Selected fellows will start on 1 January 2022.

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