Laureates Scientific Award Climate Research

06/02/2024 08:50

Since January 1, 2020, the FWO implements a sustainable travel policy in all its funding programmes to contribute to the climate objectives. In this context, the FWO calculates annually, based on an overview of the flight kilometres, the total CO2 emissions and corresponding cost for the CO2 contribution. The FWO invests this CO2 contribution in the Scientific Award Climate Research. This initiative consists of three prizes amounting to a personal one-year research grant of 10,000 euro each. The prizes are meant to support excellent innovative scientific research on climate science. They are intended to reward established researchers of at least postdoctoral level on the basis of their previous work, with a perspective of future development in the field of climate research and on their plans with the research grant.

The three laureates of the first edition of the Scientific Award Climate Research are Niels De Winter (VUB), Wim Thiery (VUB) and Sebastiaan Van de Velde (UAntwerpen). Congratulations!

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