New version FWO E-loket

11/09/2020 10:47

The FWO e-portal has been in operation for 10 years and has more than 50,000 users. All researchers who are in one way or another affiliated with the FWO (as applicant, supervisor, panel member, etc.) can carry out the desired tasks through the e-portal.

In order to keep up with the latest technological requirements, we decided to completely rebuild the e-portal.

Some of the most important changes:

  • For authentication purposes, we use an Identity Provider (IDP) and Authorization Server (AS). These ensure that all applications are secured in a standardised manner. It is used to provide uniform authentication for mobile applications, web applications and desktop applications.
  • Login is based on the ‘Single Sign-On’ principle. This feature enables a user to securely authenticate with multiple applications by logging in only once. The authentication logic is concentrated in one place instead of being distributed across various applications.
  • You can now log in not only with your email and password but also with your ORCID number.

Read the introduction of the new E-loket.

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