Cooperation with Poland


The FWO is keen on promoting international collaboration as a driving force for excellence. That is why the FWO signs agreements with a number of countries for the funding of potential joint collaboration projects.

In the frame of the current agreement with the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), a new call for joint collaboration projects is launched in order to further promote scientific cooperation between Flanders and Poland in all research domains.


  • Duration of projects: 3 years
  • The funding covers travel and living expenses:
  • FWO pays researcher(s) from Poland a fixed daily allowance of € 50 in addition to the accommodation costs (max. €1,300 per month). The international travel costs of the Flemish researcher(s) to and from Poland are also paid by FWO.
  • PAS pays the international travel costs of the Polish researcher(s) to and from Belgium. In addition, PAS pays the Flemish researcher(s) a daily allowance of 90 PLN in addition to a maximum amount of 160 PLN for the accommodation expenses, in the case of short visits (less than 4 weeks). For long visits, this is 900 PLN per month in addition to a maximum amount of 1600 PLN for the accommodation expenses.
  • Call closed
  • Announcement of results: November-December 2018
  • Start of project: January 2019

Profile and conditions

  • As Principal Investigator of the Flemish research team, you hold a PhD.
  • In addition, you hold, throughout the entire period of your project, an appointment of at least 50% at:
    • a university in the Flemish Community (including the academic programmes within the corresponding association), or to
    • a federal or Flemish scientific institute as scientific staff of the Dutch-speaking community of, or to
    • a university hospital in the Flemish Community as scientific staff, or to
    • a hospital with an academic character recognized as research center in the Flemish Community as scientific staff.


  • You must submit your project proposal simultaneously to FWO and PAS.
  • You propose a list of 3 external referees (refer to the regulations to see who is eligible). Please be aware that the proposed international referees cannot be appointed to a Belgian university, research institute or other organization. Moreover, the proposed international referees cannot be appointed to similar institutions and organizations in Poland. Please note that there also cannot be a Conflict of Interest (CoI) with the Polish partner(s).
  • One referee will be asked for advice.
  • The International collaboration committee (CIWC) evaluates your application.
  • The decision is made in consultation with the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Regulations and downloads

  • Agreement FWO-PAS
  • Guide for applicants

    This guide contains all requirements, procedures, etc. for the application of a project within the framework of the collaboration agreement with PAS.