Cooperation with South Korea


The FWO is keen on promoting international collaboration as a driving force for excellence. That is why the FWO signs agreements with a number of countries for the funding of potential joint collaboration projects. Within these projects only travel and living expenses can be financed.

To strengthen scientific collaboration between South Korea and Flanders, the FWO has signed an agreement with the National Research Foundation (NRF). This agreement aims to stimulate collaboration between South Korea and Flanders in the area of fundamental research and development in all scientific domains by conducting joint cooperation projects. The programme focuses mainly on the exchange of young researchers.


  • Duration of projects: 2 years
  • Joint scientific cooperation projects with special attention to young researchers: in each cooperation project at Flemish side at least one young scientist with no more than 6 years of postdoctoral experience should perform an exchange towards South Korea.
  • Funding: each party bears the full costs of its researchers (travel, accommodation and living expenses).
    • FWO offers researchers from Flanders a daily living allowance of € 66 (or max. €1,650 per month) on top of the travel expenses towards/from South Korea, to be booked through a travel agency authorized by the FWO.
    • NRF pays the researchers from South Korea a total amount of maximum 20,000,000 KRW (about € 14,500) per year to cover the travel expenses towards/from and the stay within Flanders. 
  • Deadline: June 25th, 2020:
    • at FWO: submission possible until 5 pm Belgian time
    • at NRF: submission possible until 6 pm Korean time
  • Announcement of results: December 2020
  • Start of project (at Flemish as well as at South Korean side): January 2021

Profile and conditions

  • As Principal Investigator of the Flemish research team, you hold a PhD.
  • In addition, you hold, throughout the entire period of your project, an appointment of at least 50% at:
    • a university in the Flemish Community (including the academic programmes within the corresponding association), or
    • a federal or Flemish scientific institute as scientific staff of the Dutch-speaking community, or
    • a university hospital in the Flemish Community as scientific staff, or
    • a hospital with an academic character recognized as research center in the Flemish Community as scientific staff.


  • Read the guidelines for applicants carefully (see ‘Downloads’).
  • You must submit your project proposal simultaneously to FWO and NRF according to the modalities of each agency.
  • For FWO you submit your application to by using the application form below (see ‘Regulations and downloads’). Please be aware that it is essential to update your E-loket profile each time you submit a new FWO application.
  • You propose a list of 3 external referees (for more information on the eligibility criteria see Chapter III of the FWO regulations internal and external peer review). Please be aware that the proposed international referees cannot be appointed to a Belgian university, research institute or other organization. Moreover, the proposed international referees cannot be appointed to similar institutions and organizations in South Korea. Please note that there also cannot be a Conflict of Interest (CoI) with the South Korean partner(s).
  • One referee will be asked for advice.
  • All eligible applications will be evaluated at South Korean side and at Flemish side.
  • NRF and FWO take a joint funding decision.

Remark: In case of transfer of personal data within the framework of an international collaboration, FWO will ensure that the partners abroad guarantee an equal level of protection with respect to the involved parties.

Regulations and downloads

Flight- or train tickets in the frame of an FWO grant, can only be booked through a travel agency authorized by the FWO (Uniglobe South West Travel and Omnia Travel). Bookings through another travel agency will not be reimbursed by FWO.

Be aware: For any travel towards a higher-risk destination, the FWO (travel) grant can only be used in case of a positive advice of the concerned host institution. Please make sure to request this advice at the responsible advisory body of your host institution.