Announcement ‘JPco-fuND 2’ ERA-NET – call 2022

‘Understanding the mechanisms of non-pharmacological interventions’

A joint, transnational ERA-NET call for research projects is open, focussing on neurodegenerative diseases. The theme of the call implies: ‘Understanding the mechanisms of non-pharmacological interventions’.

Deadline for pre-proposals submission: 1 March 2022, 12h CET (local Brussels time)

The call information is available on the JPND-website, where the call text can be consulted. Additionally, a specific document with the national guidelines is available, which is of importance for the eligibility of the Flemish (FWO) subprojects.

FWO modalities

Both the FWO fundamental and Strategic Basic Research (SBO) funding channels are integrated within this call. The type and scope of the proposed research project will determine the choice of funding channel for the research from within Flanders. Non-compliance with the specific requirements per funding channel will inevitably lead to non-eligibility.

Please note, this is only an FWO requirement: European and/or international partners within the project consortium can choose their type of research freely. Only the ‘fundamental’ or ‘strategic’ nature of the Flemish partners’ subproject has to be guaranteed.

Project proposals should be submitted at the JPco-fuND 2 call secretariat by European and international consortia, respecting the general eligibility criteria, as taken up in the call text. No separate national project submission is required for the FWO, that is able to support 1 projects for a 3 years duration, with an available maximum applicable budget of 350.000 EUR per project/consortium. The FWO budgetary rules, which differ per funding channel, are also clarified in the ‘country specific information sheet’.

For the fundamental funding channel the respective regulation applies. For the SBO channel the SBO regulation has to be taken in to account. These imply projects with a primarily economic and/or societal finality, of which ‘valorisation’ is a key - and mandatory - aspect.

Some key points to take into account

  • Participation within the framework of the ERA-NETs does not interfere with the ‘regular’ project submission framework, and is consequently not taken into account for calculating the max. available number of new applications and running projects combined. However, researchers can only participate within 2 different international consortia per call, if it implies different subjects.
  • When the Flemish (FWO) subproject implies an SBO project the researchers are asked to provide proactively, and before the pre-proposal submission deadline, a concise – but to the point – valorisation plan (no fixed format, max. 2 A4-pages), which clarifies the valorisation context within Flanders and internationally, and clarifies the involved Flemish actors. This document can be sent towards the email address.
  • Projects aiming at the development of a spin-off are not eligible in this context.
  • Projects have a max. 36 months runtime and have to be budgeted accordingly. Automatic no-cost prolongations are not accepted in this framework.
  • The PI, for each of the participating institutions from Flanders, must hold an appointment that fully covers the duration of the research project.

Researchers are strongly encouraged to contact the FWO before submission, in view of the eligibility criteria, in order to avoid the ineligibility of a researcher, and the project consortium as a whole.

Information about FWO participation can also be obtained by contacting one of the following FWO colleagues:

Kristien Peeters or Toon Monbaliu
+32 2 550 15 70