Emergency scenario ongoing call postdoctoral applications

19/03/2020 15:15

Confronted with the impact of the Corona crisis, the FWO has developed an emergency scenario for the current postdoc evaluations.

The fallback scenario consists of reducing the 2-step procedure to a single and online expert panel meeting for the evaluation and ranking of the applications, based on the available evaluation and synthesis reports for the pre-selection step.

In a nutshell:

1/ the online preselection meetings, scheduled between March 23 and April 4, are cancelled;

2/ the interview meetings at the FWO, scheduled between April 27 and May 20, are cancelled, but replaced by an online meeting between the panel members only.

Consequently, there will be no interviews for the ongoing call postdoctoral fellowship.

Dependent on the evolution of the situation, the evaluation procedure might be further adapted. Of course FWO will inform on these measures well in time.

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