FWO launches special call for COVID-19 research projects

11/04/2020 08:49

The world is hit hard by the COVID-19 virus. To cope with the consequences of this pandemic for public health, FWO launches a special call for COVID-19 research projects. The budget for this call is 2.5 million euro. 1.5 million euro is provided by minister for Innovation Hilde Crevits.

In this context, the Flemish government and FWO seek to generate social impact in the short term for dealing with the current COVID-19 crisis. The objective is to help solve urgent scientific issues surrounding the approach.

It is focused exclusively on research that requires immediate funding because it is carried out within the context of the current pandemic and can therefore not be accommodated under any of the open calls for fundamental research projects.

The urgent and pandemic nature implies the need for (inter)national cooperation: collaboration of private companies, academia, international organisations, public bodies etc. has the greatest potential to accelerate the development of prophylactics, therapeutics and diagnostics and to contribute in the short term to dealing effectively with the current outbreak.

The call is now open. The deadline is 30 April 2020 at 12h.

Do you want more information on this call? Check this webpage.

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