Special calls COVID19-research

24/03/2020 08:30

In response to the corona pandemic, various European and other partners have launched special calls for research into this virus, as well as other initiatives - all in collaboration with international partners.

Science Europe, the network of European research founders, already sent us the following list, which may be expected to be followed by other initiatives:

Wellcome (UK):

Epidemic Preparedness - COVID-19:


This provides funding up of the £2m per grant, and is a scheme between Wellcome and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) 

COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator:


This is a $125m scheme, with Gates and Mastercard to e to speed the development of and access to therapies for COVID-19.

Research Council of Norway (RCN):

Emergency call based on the recent research priorities defined by the WHO: RCN Call

United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI):

Projects contributing to the understanding, diagnosis, prevention and management of the virus, including the study of behaviours that may contribute to how it is spread and can be contained:




Statement on sharing research data:


Focused work that is part of the on-going specialist centres under the MRC: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/mrc-global-infectious-disease-analysis


Epidemic preparedness workshop explores key role of interdisciplinary research:


Additions March 30, 2020


NWO, Netherlands


Announcement of a € 1.5 million call for urgent short term research and € 10 million for a seperate call for long term research

SNF, Switserland



Seperate call (Deadline 25 March)

SRC, Sweden


Ability to use funded research resources for urgent SARS-COV-2 and COVID19 research. In the long term, there may be a targeted call.

FWF, Austria


Seperate call: this proposals will be evaluated as a priority, submission from April to September (lead time of a few weeks).

DFG, Germany



Seperate call (deadline 1 September 2020)

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