Ilse Rooman

Worked at: The Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Current university: VUB

Title of the project: De-convolution of tumour biology in the post-genomic era: focus on pancreatic cancer

From the jury report:

Dr. Rooman has worked very successfully in a number of high-profile international groups which are higly appreciated within the pancreas cancer research community. Through careful selection of the different steps in her career, she has acquired expertise in several areas of molecular and computational biology as well as pancreas (patho)physiology which form an ideal basis for the research work proposed here. She is highly skilled in a number of cutting-edge technologies and has worked at the forefront of high-throughput genetic and genomic analysis of pancreas tumors.

Her publication record is very solid, although not outstanding when considering her first- and last authorships. Through her previous work, she has established a broad network of excellent collaboration partners which will proof extremely valuable for the proposed work.