Jan De Loecker

Worked at: Princeton University

Current university: KU Leuven

Title of the project: Competition, market structure and the allocation of resources

From the jury report:

In the last four years, dr. De Loecker has published four papers in the top 5 journals in economics. This is quite an accomplishment and puts in evidence the upward trend in the quality of journals he is hitting. In addition, he has two papers in top journals in the field of Industrial organizations and one paper in the upcoming AEJ:Micro.

The fact that four of dr. De Loecker’s publications are solo papers highlight his scientific independence, especially in a time when the tendency in the field is an increasing number of co-authors per publication. In my opinion, this also proves his ability as a leader in conducting research.

On the other hand, dr. De Loecker’s collaborative work with academics in the U.S. and in Europe shows his capacity to do excellent collaborative research. Of his co-authored papers, the majority involved collaboration with co-authors in the U.S. However, there seems to be a clear interest and plan to collaborate with researchers in Europe. Access to the Odysseus project would certainly facilitate the extent and quality of international research collaboration.