William Alexander

°1976, Amerikaan

Worked at: Cognitive Control Lab, Indiana University, Bloomington

Current university: UGent

Title of the project: A reinforcement learning framework for cognitive control.

From the jury report:

Considering his whole career, the publication record of the candidate could be higher. However given the fact that his most recent publication is the Nature Neuroscience paper, the candidate should be considered as following a real positive trend and be encouraged.

The degree of independency in the skills required for the project (computational modeling and imaging) is unquestionable. It makes no doubt that the candidate will be able to pass these skills to students and post-docs and affirm his leadership during the project.

The extent and diversification of his international collaboration could be improved: except a stage in Japan, he always worked at Indiana University. However, from the Ghent University perspective, this would be a great opportunity to nourish and establish collaborations with the USA.