FWO gets 6.3 million euros European support for [Pegasus]² programme

05/03/2015 09:00

The Research Fund – Flanders will be able to launch a new edition of the Pegasus mobility programme in 2016. The FWO was the sole organisation in Flanders and Belgium that received funds from the European Marie Sklodowska Curie Cofund for this call. This European support in the amount of €6,372,000 enables the FWO to start up the [Pegasus]² programme, with both incoming and outgoing research grants of 3 years, in 2016. The FWO itself invests €8,258,760 in this programme, the first edition of which (2011-2015) was already hugely successful.

The Research Fund – Flanders has for many years been consciously investing in international mobility, traditionally taking the form of temporary stays and conference grants. In the last 15 years, these were supplemented with long-term exchanges to attract top researchers from abroad or bring exceptional researchers back to Flanders (Odysseus). The first edition of Pegasus, which brought young, postdoctoral researchers to Flanders under 1 to 3 year research grants, was launched in 2011.

Today, the FWO announces a second, more extensive edition of Pegasus, entitled [Pegasus]² 'giving wings to your career', referring to the mythological power of the winged horse Pegasus. The programme, which will start in 2016, this time focuses not only researchers from foreign universities who come to Flanders for 3 years, but also on researchers who leave Flanders to work at a foreign research institute for a period of 2 years and then feed this experience back into Flemish research groups and institutes during the final year of their appointment. In other words, a genuine two-way scientific exchange.

The FWO can implement the new [Pegasus]² programme thanks to the €6.3 million support from the European science programme Marie Sklodowska Curie COFUND. "We are particularly proud that the FWO is the sole organisation in Flanders and in Belgium that receives support in this respect," says Elisabeth Monard, Secretary General of the FWO. "Moreover, this significant support is further proof that our know-how of excellence selection and guidance is among the best in Flanders, Belgium and Europe." The FWO invests itself €8.2 million in [Pegasus]². These funds come from regular support, mainly from the Flemish Government.