It's good to know that you can support science in many ways. Via an annual gift to the FWO, via a legacy or a donation? Choose the way that best fits your situation. Or make a combination of different possibilities.

Donations can happen from hand to hand or via a notary. Amounts from €40 are tax deductible. You can decide yourself which project or research you want to support.

Manual gift

The gift of a movable good (a sum of money, jewellery, bearer shares etc.) can take place by a simple transfer from hand to hand. This contract does not need to be registered: no registration duty will therefore be paid. But note: the gift will only be exempted from duty if the donor survives for at least three years after its date. Otherwise, the gift will be taken into account when the succession rights are calculated. It is therefore important to be able to prove that the manual gift did indeed take place more than three years earlier. If the gift of movable property was presented for registration, no further account will be taken of it for the calculation of succession duties even if the donor dies within a three year period.

Gifts can also be transferred to the bank account of the FWO. This is called a Bankgift and the FWO will send you an official certificate.  

Account number of the FWO:

BE05 4245 5308 0175

Gift via a notary

The gift of a movable good or real estate (a house, land) can also be done via a notary. If you want to do it that way, you will pay gift duties, the notary's fees and the miscellaneous costs (stamp duty, research, mortgage etc.). Gift duties are calculated in accordance with the value of the goods and the degree of the relationship between the donor and the recipient.

Various legacy formulas are possible. For more information, it is best to consult your notary.